Due Diligence & Valuations

We as a technology support service company offer services to IT, ITES companies in the areas of outsourcing, Transfer Pricing including Due Diligence and Valuations.Bangalore is the hub of technology, IT and ITES companies in India. When compared to other traditional industries, the technology companies attract private equity investments, get into merger and acquisitions or the sale of business.

We along with our associates, carryout Due Diligence (DD) services to techno companies regularly. The buyer or investor asks us to perform detailed technical, finance and legal checks prior to the transaction. Similarly, the investee/target company also takes our services to conduct a check (DD) before going to the buyer/investor.

DD helps the investor to take an informed decision and mitigate the risk associated with the business purchase transaction.

The other service which usually goes along with DD is the valuation. What price is the right price, if the company seeks investment or Merger proposals? Or if you want to know the worth of your business? Arriving the fair price is a challenge!

Valuation of business depends on the company’s ability to produce economic benefits for its shareholders and also the risk of owning the business. So, to provide valuation services, one should have industry, technical, financial and legal knowledge.

We have a team of domain and finance experts who have good exposure in valuation of Technology and IT companies.

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