MEye a Business Intelligence Platform

ManagementEye is a powerful Business Intelligence Platform having various features of In-memory computing and powerful data accessibility features apart from in-depth analytics and innovative visualization features.


The data accessibility framework of MEye can be used for integrating data from various platforms including SQL, Oracle, Excel and other famous Databases. We have designed powerful APIs for various internationally acclaimed Social media also for monitoring the activity on your pages.

Hence single engine can be used to give the Management multi source view just as required for a multi-platform and multi complexity organization.


MEye has a separate Analytics, Dashboard Designer and Dashboard Server in order to simplify user experience for general business user

Imagine integrating data from so many platforms including home grown systems viz., Tally apart from unstructured data sources viz., Machine Analytics, that is what gives ManagementsEye the power to be able to meet all the top management Business Intelligence requirements on single Dashboard Server.

A regular business user need not bother about various features of analysis as required by an Analyst who crunches data. He can just access Dashboard Server for quick access of Dashboards. The Server is upgraded with powerful user access controls ensuring access on a Need to know basis.


Easy to Use

With its highly automated features reduces the requirement of writing lengthy codes and so very easy even for a non-technical colleague.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop feature is used all across the Platform, right from integrations, analytics, visualizations and dashboard building.

Equation Builder

Analyst powerful Equation Builder can enable you to build as many KPI measures and as complicated I can think of.

Desktop Friendly

Analyst tool is a user-friendly software and hence it is easy to install, much quicker to learn and easy to manage.


Smart Tiles & Gauges

Info tiles can give a snapshot of business KPIs. Coupled with a Gauge check and % age wise filling feature, it is just amazing way to enable decision making.

Single Dimensional

Simple and traditional graphs for basic visualizing, with innumerable features of converting into more than 15 types of graphs options.


Watch two KPIs at a same time with a combination of area, plotter, bar, clusters, stacked graphs which makes viewing business amazing.

Graphs on Maps

Watch all types of graphs on Maps to feature drill down to lowest levels, so you get a world hawk eye view to street view, and surprising control for business executive.

Scatters and Trends

Scatter with trend lines with select, de-select feature at graph level itself is amazing to watch business performance more so with a trend line.


Our heat-maps are powerful with auto identification of numeric value levels apart from robust search feature to give you bird’s eye view.

Innovative Visuals

Advanced Bubble Views, Circle Dimension Analytics with Multi interaction point architecture, multi-level pie charts, we have created stunning features for management team.

Smart Grids

Built in smart search feature, interactive sorting, conditional colouring, visually rich and export to excel feature gives control to information.

Filter Strips

Our innovative Filter Strips help create smart pagination, fast interaction and gives a feel of reviewing a business file.