Business Analytics

Management consulting and the needs of the organization have changed to embrace emerging trends in business intelligence, data analytics and customer-centricity to create businesses that are well prepared to survive in a dynamic, ever-changing business environment. Driving organizational value creation today means embracing digital technologies to automate and analyse data, in real-time where possible.

Our Business Analytics service offers -

Maximise Profits

Our analytics product PROPL navigates your financial statements, benchmarks with sector metrics, diagnose profitability and cash flow health indicators to proactively cut costs, improve margins, and streamline cash flow and streamline proactively cut costs and streamline proactively Read More

Optimise Performances

Our products are embedded with Management Expertise gained over 15 years in Jewellery, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics sectors and empowers Management to increase profitability, optimize Stocks, streamline working capital and increase sales.

Manage Complexities

MEye, our robust metrics and accountability-built monitoring system is a Powerful Tool to give CEOs complete command in driving his organization to manage risks and achieve their business goals Streamline working capital Read More

We at ITECHPATH, in association with Align Associates provide these unique solutions to the Companies in Bangalore. We have developed Industry specific analytical products. Click to know more about our Industry specific Product, Jewellery Retailing Industry Product