Jewellery Retailing Industry Product

Intelligence & Analytics for Jewellers

“Increase Sales while Reducing Stocks thereby Optimize Capital, Improve cashflows and Profits”

Jewellery business is highly capital intensive. If funds are not optimized, jewellers may get stuck in piled up non-moving stocks & sales stagnating. It is a double whammy. It puts extreme strain on cash flows, supplier pressures and overflowing debt.

Why not use your data to solve all the above problems? It is that simple. Your data is a gold mine of insights and intelligence, that can guide you to take right decisions.

We have over 14 years experience in jewellery retailing sector and have extensive knowledge of business standards, best practices, performance metrics and can guide you in the right direction. We have built a productwhich can help to

Boost Sales

Improve Conversion Rates

Optimize Inventory

Enhance Employee Performance

Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Our analytics platform has an automated and integrated engine to do-


Financial Analysis


Operations Analytics


Working Capital Movement


Industry Benchmarking Analysis

The Engine can identify root cause of your problems, so that you can take quick, accountable and actionable decision. You can work till you achieve Industry performance standards or can scale up and set new trends.

You can also request our Industry experts to mentor & handhold you in resolving specific problems. 

Our Analytics Solution

The solution is built to analyse Historical Data, identify patterns in sales, walk ins, sourcing, expenditure, employees, customer care. It deep dives into categories, sub-categories across price & design ranges.

Pattern based, algorithmic analytics are designed using advance data crunching tools and user-friendly monitors to provide decision support.

Advanced Analytics Dashboards are able to provide a comprehensive direction through:

  • Optimum stocks to be maintained and Industry Standards for every Jewellery category
  • Optimum Stocks split across various weight and price ranges, including designs
  • Right suppliers for jewellery categories that customers bought to plan sourcing

We will also support you to cleanse your complex data in which ever formats as it is a critical challenge. Further, this solution is plug and play to your ERP and hence very efficient, eliminating your expensive resources time.

Some of our clients realized the following benefits out of our Analytics


20% Increase in Sales


40% Reduction of inventory


Reduction of Overdraft


Usage of excess Cash flows generated to buy other valuable capital assets